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A Machine Learning Approach for Classifying Textual Data in CrowdsourcingRhyn, Marcel; Blohm, Ivo2017Konferenzbeitrag
A Mixed Method Approach to Understanding Crowdsourcees’ Engagement BehaviorTroll, Julia; Naef, Sven; Blohm, Iv...2017Konferenzbeitrag
Absorption Processes and IT Capabilities in Open Innovation CommunitiesBlohm, Ivo; Leimeister, Jan Marco; ...2012Konferenzbeitrag 
Absorptive Capacity and Collective Intelligence for Open Innovation Communities of Software EnterprisesBlohm, Ivo2011Konferenzbeitrag 
Absorptive Capacity for Open Innovation Communities - Learnings from Theory and PracticeBlohm, Ivo; Köroglu, O.; Leimeiste...2011Konferenzbeitrag
Accelerating Customer Integration into Innovation Processes using Pico JobsFähling, Jens; Blohm, Ivo; Leimeis...2011Zeitschriftenartikel 
Accelerating customer integration into innovation processes using Pico-JobsBlohm, Ivo; Fähling, Jens; Leimeis...2010Konferenzbeitrag
Acceptance and utility of a systematically designed community for cancer patientsLeimeister, Jan Marco; Krcmar, Helm...2005Konferenzbeitrag
An Empirical Investigation of Signaling in Reward-Based CrowdfundingKunz, Michael Marcin; Bretschneider...2016Zeitschriftenartikel
An Empirical Taxonomy of Crowdfunding IntermediariesHaas, Philipp; Blohm, Ivo; Leimeist...2014Konferenzbeitrag
An Empirical Taxonomy of Crowdsourcing IntermediariesLeicht, Niklas; Durward, David; Haa...2016Konferenzbeitrag 
An Empirical Taxonomy of Crowdsourcing IntermediariesLeicht, Niklas; Durward, David; Haa...2016Konferenzbeitrag
Anatomy of Successful Business Models for Complex Services: Insights from the Telemedicine FieldPeters, Christoph; Blohm, Ivo; Leim...2015Zeitschriftenartikel
Anreiz- und Vergütungsmodelle auf Crowdworking-Plattformen als innovativen DienstleistungssystemenMrass, Volkmar; Peters, Christoph; ...2017Konferenzbeitrag
Applying an Open Innovation Method for identifying Challenges in the Cloud Business EnvironmentGierczak, Michael; Gebauer, L.; Ebe...2013Konferenzbeitrag
Applying Open Innovation for Innovating Electronic Services - Open Issues for Future Research.Blohm, Ivo; Riedl, Christoph; Leime...2012Buchbeitrag 
Arbeit und IT: Crowdsourcing und Crowdwork als neue Arbeits- und BeschäftigungsformenLeimeister, Jan Marco; Zogaj, Shkod...2015Buchbeitrag
Backer Empowerment in Crowdfunding: How Participation beyond Funding Influences Support BehaviorLipusch, Nikolaus; Bretschneider, U...2016Konferenzbeitrag
Blueprinting Crowdfunding - Designing a Crowdfunding Service Configuration FrameworkHaas, Philipp; Blohm, Ivo2017Konferenzbeitrag
Can Laymen Outperform Experts? The Effects of User Expertise and Task Design in Crowdsourced Software TestingLeicht, Niklas; Rhyn, Marcel; Hansb...2016Konferenzbeitrag
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